Common Read Program


About the Program

The Common Read Program asks EC first-year students to engage in a shared reading experience. It is designed to build community by creating connections among students and professors while enhancing students’ transition to college, encouraging their intellectual growth and guiding them onto a successful academic path. EC’s Common Read Program supports the University’s mission of integrating teaching and scholarship, fostering creativity, integrity, and community service. The Common Read experience supports Goal Six of the University’s strategic plan—it fosters a collegiate environment that offers services and programming that promotes student engagement and success. EC’s  Common Read Program also bridges the efforts of our University and those of off-campus intellectuals and professionals to bring about a positive change to the local community through discussion and dialogue.  


Specific goals related to the EC program and curriculum:

  • First-year students will have the opportunity to meet and begin relationships with the faculty in the department.
  • First-year students will be introduced to the academic expectations and intellectual engagement that will guarantee their success in the program.
  • First-year students will have a chance to meet with their peers as well as their sophomore mentors, developing a peer network.
  • First-year students will have an opportunity to draw connections between topics discussed in EC and the off-campus community. 
  • First-year students will be introduced to some topics discussed in various classes at the department. 
  • First-year students will be able to explore perspectives of faculty who teach in different EC subfields and develop an early idea of their own path during their studies. 


About the Reading

This is the first year EC is running the Common Read Program. To launch the program, we have selected a book chapter and three short stories by Armenian women writers. These texts were translated and published in “New Armenian Writing by Women” in the April 2015 issue of Words Without Borders, a prestigious literary magazine for works in translation. 

To read the stories, click on the respective links below.


For more information on the program and its associated events, contact Elitza Kotzeva, Assistant Professor of English, email: [email protected]