Greta Sargsyan (BAEC ’24): Revolutionizing Literature Learning

By incorporating learning into children’s gaming experience, my project seeks to inspire youngsters to learn literature through gaming.

Heghinar Melkom Melkomian (BAEC ’24): Pursuing a Bachelor’s as a Mid-Career Professional 

Melkom Melkomian discusses her academic experience at AUA, how she balanced her commitments with her studies, her future plans, and more

AUA Alumni Tour Their “Armenian Wonderwomen” Book

Published in March 2023, the illustrated children’s book celebrates the lives of 37 Armenian women who were excluded from Armenian history.

Areg Barseghyan (BAEC ’24): Continuing the AUA Family Legacy

My roots go deep, back to the start of the University, when my step-grandfather, Dr. Nikol Shahgaldian, first created a major, PSIA, at AUA. 

Lida Asilyan (BAEC ’24) To Pursue Graduate Studies at Harvard

We asked her to share about her road to AUA, the lessons her University education taught her, her career aspirations, and more. 

AUA Students Explore Filmmaking

The Introduction to Filmmaking course teaches the fundamental principles and techniques of filmmaking for students to apply in their films.