Alik Chilingaryan: The Impact of Text Messaging on Face to Face Communication

Anahit Kasparyan: Communication Failure. An Analysis of Mystification and the Wrong Ways of Communicating Genocide

Angela Diloyan: The Importance of Communication in the Classroom

Ani Baghumyan: Remembering a Forgotten History in Armenian. Translation and Critical Analysis of an Excerpt from Trauma and Recovery by Judith Herman

Ani Sardarian: Strategic Methods for the Development of Health Tourism in Armenia

Anna Khachatryan: Cross Cultural Negotiations. Student-Instructor Negotiations in the American

Anna Khachatryan: Nation-Building in Modern Armenia A Story of a Post-Nation

Anna_Ter-Gabrielyan: Dreams. Visual and Perceptual Analysis through a Comparison with Films

Anush Hokhoyan: Attitudes and Perceptions Students Have Toward Education. A Comparative Analysis Between Armenian and South Korean Students

Anush Ter-Khachatryan: Beloved in Intersection. The Unspeakable Translated

Apaven Stepanyan: The Difference of Social Actions for Users. Retention and Engagement

Araksya Jilavyan: Militancy of Women. From Historic Exclusion to Female Individualization

Aram Afrikyan: Internet Media Coverage of Domestic Violence Cases in Armenia

Astghik Pirumyan: Key Strategies Used by Armenian Telecommunication Companies to Manage Their Corporate Reputation Through Online Platforms

Batil Vartanian: Analysis of Zabel Yesayan’s “In the Ruin”

Baykar Sepoyan: The Impact of Armenian Soap Operas on the Social Behavior of Young Adults

Dzhemma Anapiosyan: To What Degree the Public Relations Campaign Mounted by ”Yelq” Party Explains Their Electoral Success

Gurgen Hakobyan: The Effect of Misleading and Jargon-Containing TV Advertising on Behavior and Lexicon of Various Age Groups in Armeniа

Hakob Chalikyan: American Soft Power in Armenia. Objectives, Implementation, Results

Hasmik Hovsepyan: The Psychological Influence of Social Media on Americans and Armenians

Hovhannes Minasyan: Are the Billboards Effective in Yerevan

Inessa Manukyan: The Role of Public Relations in Socially Responsible Corporations. Case Study of MTS Armenia

Inga Vatinyan: The Reasons for Misinterpretation of Minimalism and the Representations It Takes in Raymond

Lilit Grigoryan: How Does the University Brand Affect Student Recruitment

Lilit Hovhannisyan: Gender Relations in English and Armenian Proverbs

Lilit Khachatryan: The Rise of Korean Culture Through Media

Lilit Mamulyan: Higher Education in Armenia. Factors Influencing Armenians to Value Higher Education

Luiza Kirakosyan: Armenian Traditional Games. Their Status and Dependence on Social Reality

Mane Khachibabyan: Nonverbal Communication and Cues in Armenian-American Literary Discourse

Mariam Abrahamyan: I Went Up on the Stage

Mariam Ghushchyan: Reading Preferences and Habits of Armenian Online News Readers

Mariam Mkrtchyan: The analysis of influence of advertising on consumer behavior of Russians based on brand tracking studies

Meghety Karjikian: Creating a Multilingual Armenia. Adding English Language to Armenia’s Education System and Society

Nare Hovhannisyan: The Historical Snares of Enlightenment

Nayri Kechichian: How to Increase Family Tourism in Armenia. Emphasis on the Armenian Diaspora in Lebanon

Noemi Akopian: Performing Gender in the Theatre. An Analysis of Gender Performance in an Original Play

Nune Gevorgyan: Theory and Practice. An Armenian Translation of Maya Angelou`s Still I Rise

Patil Ounjian: Islamic State’s Media Strategies for Female Recruitment

Roubina Seropian: Neo Paganism in Armenia. The Arordiner Movement

Ruzanna Hanesyan: Strategies for Attracting an International Audience. Lessons for Armenian Television Producers

Sevak Karapetyan: Semiotic Analysis of Armenian, US, Russian and Israeli Army Public Service Advertisings

Shushanik Hyusisyan: Homosexuality and Religion. Relationship and Influence on the Lives of the LGBT Community in Armenia

Sona Dumanyan: To Position Armenia as a Spiritual Tourism Destination

Tatevik Mkrtumyan: Does Armenian Political Satire Raise Political Awareness Among Its Audience. A Look at Armcomedy TV Show

Tigran Bazarchyan: The Media and Military. How the Public Opinion Can Influence the Military Institutions

Vachagan Gratian: Armenian Language in Computational Linguistics

Zinaida Meloyan: Importance of Media Literacy among Schoolchildren in Armenia, Parent’s Attitude towards the Issue